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Fairy Nicole- professional actress, trained singer, and musical theater entertainer poses as Lollipop the Candy Fairy, sweet adorable fairy costume, show includes candy songs and children's music, treasue hunt with souvenirs and candy lollipops, make-a-wish candy dust, big lollipop, souvenir tiara, and pink fairy wand for the birthday girl, child's fairy costume to borrow for photos, magic show, interactive musical games, singing, dancing, story time, candy sweets stickers, balloon wands, balloon fairy wings, balloon butterflies, etc, with optional tattoos and cnady theme face painting, areal sweet dealFairy Princess TinkerBell for children's fairy birthday partiesPrincess Haley- Tinkerbelle Fairy Princess, professional stage actress and trained singer poses as green fairy Tinkerbell, fairy show includes celtic music, fairy theme treasure hunt with souvenirs, magic show, make-a-wish fairy dust, stickers, balloon art, interactive games, and puppet, with optional tattoos, fairy princess make up, and face paintingWe also offer the best NJ Princess birthday party entertainments shows, click on this photo to view our Princess party page for photos of our lovely princess performers and detailed descriptions of the princess party showsAmazing award-winning Face Painter and Tattoo Artist applies non-toxic quality face paints with glitter highlights, full or half fantsy faces, butterfly face painting, fairy face painting, brings samples books for glitter and henna tattoo designs, can optinally include animal balloon artFairy Princess Zena- adorable professional stage actress and trained singer poses as Tinkerbelle Fairy for children's birthday parties in New JerseyPrincess Jennifer & Princess Loren- professional actresses and singers pose in Fairy Princess duet fairies show, Tinkerbelle Fairy 7 Butterfly FairyEmily- professional Stilt Walker, butterfly fairy birthday parties in New Jersey, Butterfly costume Stilt Walker, balloon artist, face painter, magician, vareity entertainerEnchanted magical Christmas holiday Fairy, Xmas Fairy or Snow Fairy shows for kid's Xmas parties and corporate events, holiday balloon art, holiday tattoos and face painting, can accompany Santa Claus or his ElvesPirate Sneaky Pete and Fairy Princess TinkerBell can perform a Prate and Princess show together or as solo entertainersEnchanted Magical Fairy show for kids birthday parties, professional actress and children's performer entertains the kids with a magic show, interactive games, singing dancing, a woodland fairy treasure hunt with souvenirs, make-a-wish fairy dust, souvenir tiara and fairy wand for the birthday girl fairy animal balloons, optional tattoos and face paintingFairy Princess Kerry Ann is a musical theater stage entertainer, dancer, and trained singer, poses as Enchanted Magical Fairy, magical woodland theme show includes celtic fairy music and children's music, she sings a song about flying, magical make-a-wish fairy dust, pocket tricks, fairy garden treasure hunt with souvenirs, souvenir enchanted fairy unicorn coloring pages, fairy tiara and wand for the birthday child, a unicorn puppet, stickers, balloon art, and optional fairy make up, tattoos, or simple face painting, Magical Fairy Unicorn theme birthday party New JerseyButterfly theemed birthday party, hire professional Balloon Artist to create special butterfly balloon twist sculptures, Butterfly Fairy character performer entertains at butterfly theme partiesMagical Christmas Fairy for Xmas holiday parties in New Jersey, Santa's Helper, holiday Balloonist, holiday face paintingFairy Princess Face Painting in New Jersey, professinal award-winning face painter and tattoo artist


Planning a special fairy themed birthday party? Hire the best children's fantasy party entertainers in northern and central NJ. We have several Fairy Princess performers. Choose from story book TinkerBelle Fairy, Lollipop Candy Fairy, Rainbow Fairy, Butterfly Fairy, Butterfly Stilt Walker variety entertainer, Enchanted Magic Fairy, Easter Candy Fairy, story book Fairytale Princesses, Alice's Wonderland Adventure, and Sugarplum Christmas Candy Fairy, or hire an amazing fantasy Fairy Face Painter and Balloon Artist.

TinkerBelle Fairy- lovely talented young astress, trained singer and musical theater entertainer performs as TinkerBell Fairy in green sparkly costume with fairy wings and slippers. Her fairy birthday party show includes celtic fairy and children's music, interactive games, singing, dancing, child's fairy costume, pretend flying, make-a-wish fairy dust, kid's magic show, story time, a puppet, treasure hunt with souvenirs, fairy stickers, Tink fairy coloring pages, souvenir tiara and fairy magic wand for the birthday girl, balloon fairy wings, ballloon fairy wands, butterfy balloons, and optional tattoos and fairy face painting. We also offer a Pirate & Fairy Adventure duet show.

Lollipop Candy Fairy- for candy sweets theme birthday parties. The Candy Fairy show includes pop candy songs and music, children's music, interactive games, singing , dancing, a magic show with lollipop magic wand, treasure hunt with souvenirs for the kids, make-a-wish candy fairy dust, candy sweets stickers, puppet, fairy theme balloon art, with optional fairy princess make up, tattoos or face painting.

Butterfly Fairy- professional actress and singer performs butterfly theme adventure dressed in Monarch Butterfly costume complete with butterfly wings and antenna. Show includes children's music and celtic butterfly fairy music, she sings a flying song, magic show with souvenir butterfly wand, butterfly metamorphosis story, woodland butterfly theme treasure hunt with souvenirs, make-a-wish butterfly fairy dust, souvenir butterfly eye mask and coronation tiara for the birthday girl, interactive games, butterfly journey coloring pages, singing, dancing, butterfly balloon art with butterfly balloon wings, balloon butterfly fairy wands, butterfly stickers, and optional butterfly tattoos or simple hand or cheek art face painting with glitter hair sparkles.

Enchanted Magical Fairy dressed in woodland fairy costume is professional actress, dancer and trained singer. She makes entrance dancing and prancing with silk dance ribbon with ethereal celtic fairy music. Her Magical Fairy show includes fairy garden theme treasure hunt with souvenirs, magic show, magical fairy dust, a unicorn puppet, interactive games, flower stickers, souvenir enchanted fairy unicorn coloring pages, balloon art (such as balloon: heart fairy wands, tairas, fairy wings, flowers, etc), souvenir fairy princess tiara and fairy wand with crowning ceremony. You can optionally add fairy princess make up, tattoos, and simple face painting.

The Easter Candy Fairy wears adorable bunny ears and includes a candy and Easter souvenir treasure hunt, children's Easter music and songs, singing, dancing, interactive games, kid's magic show, puppet, Easter bunny coloring pages, Easter stickers, Easter bunny balloons, Easter tattoos and simple hand or cheek art face painting. Sugarplum Candy Fairy or Xmas holiday Fairy dressed in adorable festive holiday fairy costume performing magical holiday Xmas theme show for children or booked as Santa's Helper.

Fantasy fairy theme Face Painters apply non-toxic hypoallergenic professional quality face paints, high-end glitter tattoos, and temporary washable tattoos with sample books. Hire professional award-winning Face Painters, makeup artists, tattoos artists and Balloonists for your child's fairy theme birthday party.

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