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Having a hawaiian luau party in NJ? Looking for the best Hawaiian Luau party entertainment for kid's birthday parties, family celebrations, festivals, stage shows, company picnic or corporate event? Hire the best professional Hula Dancers, Fire Poi Spinners and Belly Dancers from Beauty & the Beast LLC - NJ Party Entertainment.

Our professionally trained Hawaiian Luau Hula Dancer entertainer is dressed in authenic costume with combination of Hawaiian, Polynesian, New Zealand, and Tahitian music. Hawaiian luau hula show includes dance performance, story of the hand movements in the dances, and audience participation hula dance instruction for your party guests.

Pinao Hula Dance & Fire Show is an exciting show that mixes traditional hula dance, dramatic fire acts, and finishes with audience participation. Two female duet dancers use props such as pu'ili bamboo sticks, 'uli'ulis feathered gourd rattles, and i'is hand tassels to add sound, color and energy to compliment the music and dance movements. The show includes incredible fire acts to amaze the audience, perfect for your luau, beach, and summer parties or corporate events (not native hawaiian dancers).

Kid's Hula Dance Party is great for children's birthday parties and kid's shows. Kid's hula party includes an exciting hula dancer show, a hooky lau dance lesson, hula dance story for the kids, a birthday telegram message with your child's name translated in Hawaiian, hawaiian tattoos depending on the number of children, and lots of dancing fun.

The Fire Poi Dancer spins fire poi globes (outdoor) or colorful meteor light globes (indoor) choreographed to Hawaiian tribal drum or techno music creating a very exciting and spectacular light show.

Serving northern NJ and central New Jersey. Our professional Kid's Hula Party Dancer, Hawaiian Hula Dancers, Fire Poi Spinner, and Belly Dancers book quickly, so call now for spectacular Hawaiian Luau entertainment for your next hawaiian luau or hawaiian theme party at the most reasonable best prices:

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Outdoor events- space and weather are a factor such as wind and rain.
Indoor events- the venue owner must appove the use of fire on premises
and observe all local fire codes.
Use of fire is contingent upon safety assessment by the dancer upon arrival on site.
Execution of the fire show must be at the discretion of the professional dancer.
As with any act, the client assumes responsibility for providing
a safe area and conditions for the performance.

Performance area must be clear of anything on the floor or hanging.
Thank you