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Valentine Princess Singing Telegrams for your sweetheart- choose from Princess Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Tinkerbelle Fairy, and Ice Queen singing telegram for Valentine's Day greeting, includes long silk rose, souvenir tiara, original Valentine or I Love You song, make-a-wish Valentine or snow dust, heart bracelet, and Valentine balloon art, printed copy of the song and Valentine telegram messageTop Hat & Tails singing telegram for Valentine's Day, valentine telegram delivery NJ, classy professional tux singer, best singing telegrams NJValentine Cupid Gorilla, comedy Valentine Gorilla Gram greeting, Valentine's Day telegram greeting NJ, comedy routine, joke bananas, valeintine souvenirs, heart balloons, unique funny Valentine's Day gift for man or womanComical Funky Chicken Singing Telegram delivery, professional trained singer sings silly love song and an original song based on personal information about the Valentine recipient and Valentine telegram messageJennifer- professional stage actress and trained singer performs as lovely Ice Princess for Valentine Day Greetings, sings an original Valentine or I Love You song, includes heart balloons, make-a-wish snow dust, heart stickers, Valentine telegram messageValentine's Day fun telegram greeting, comical Gorilla Gram, valentine telegram delivery in northern and central New Jersey, Gorilla Gram NJ
Hershey Kiss chocolate singing telegram, best Valentine singing telegrams in New Jersey, professional singer, personalized telegram, chocolate kisses, original song, unique fun Valentine singing telegram delivery in New Jersey, NJ ValentineBridgette- classically trained opera singer performs classical love songs, an aria, and original Valentine song set to original musicProfessional Musaician, Guitarist, Singer, recording artist sings original song based on personal information about your sweetheart, includes heart balloons, tyoped copy of the personalized song, and valentine telegram greetingValentine Candy Fairy Singing Telegram greeting, send your special sweetheart a Candy Gram, professional actress and trained singer delivers your Valentine message with Valentine candy, heart ballloon, lipstick kiss sticker, Valentine stickers, long silk rose, queen for the day tiara
Professional Balloon Sculptor- creates special one-of-a-kind Valentine balloon sculpture for your sweetheartValentines Day gift ideas- the Lady in Red Singing Telegram Greeting, professional actress and trained singer sings Valentine or I Love You original song set top original music, includes printed copy of the song, heart balloons, heart bracelt or necklace bling, Valentine telegram messageBridgette- musical theater stage actress and classically trained singer presents elegant Valentine Greeting, dressed in fancy dress or gown this lovely talented performer sings a "Valentine" or "I Love You" song with original music and recipient's name, Valentine telegram greeting, sings an aria from one of her opera performancesProfessional actress and trained singer impersonates Marilyn Monroe, performs Valentine Singing Telegram, Valentine gift ideas for Valentines Day GreetingNJ Marilyn MOnroe impersonator deliers Valentines Day Singing Telegrams for your sweetheartMarilyn Monroe impersonator Valentine Singing Telegram is a professional stage acrtress and trained singer who impersonates the lovely Marilyn Monroe, she sings several Marilyn songs including "I Want to be Loved by You", her show includes Valentine souvenirsLovely Marilyn Monroe impersoantor performs Valentine Singing Telegram show, professional actress and singer poses as Marilyn


Looking for unique fun comical Valentine gift ideas for your sweetheart- guys, gals, kids, parents, boss, colleague, client, boyfriend, or girlfriend in New Jersey? If you are planning a Valentine's Day gift surprise - make it memorable! When you send a Valentine's Day gift greeting in NJ come to the one place that serves all your Valentine ideas delivery needs: Beauty & the Beast LLC- NJ Party Entertainment.

We’ll help make your sweetheart valentine greeting memorable with professional valentine entertainers and special unique valentine deliveries. Hire Valentine Singing Telegrams such as: Guitarist Singer, Tuxedo, Cupid Gorilla, Chocolate Kiss, Valentine Candy Fairy, Funky Chicken, Lady in Red, Marilyn Monroe Impersonator, Fairy Tale Princess, and Valentine Balloons.

professional recording artist performs romantic singing serenade with live guitar accompaniment at office, home, restaurant tableside, wherever. Choose from all-time favorite, jazz, or pop songs (such as "My Funny Valentine", "Cupid", "Love", "Fools Rush In", "At Last", and "Just Called to Say I Love You" among others).

Valentine Singing Telegrams feature professional stage singers delivering your special valentine greeting and souvenirs in costume of your choice:
Cupid Gorilla- a hilariously funny valentine character dressed in gorilla costume adorned with pink cupid tutu. Our Cupid Gorilla delivers heart balloons, joke banana, heart stickers, and your special valentine telegram greeting. She sings a silly sappy love song and composes an original personalized Valentine song based on personal information about your sweetheart (printed copy included).

Hershey Chocolate Kiss- professional stage singer dressed as a silver foil Kiss costume delivers your special surprise Valentine greeting. Singing Telegram includes a personalized original valentine song, heart balloons, your personalized valentine greeting telegram, heart stickers, and chocolate candy.

The Lady in Red- lovely professional trained singer and actress dressed in red dress with heart accessories delivers your sweetheart Valentine's Day Greeting. She sings your choice of Valentine or I Love You song set to original music. Includes printed copy of the song, heart balloons, heart souvenir, heart and lipstick kiss stickers, washable Valentine tattoo, and personalized Valentine telegram message.

Valentine Candy Fairy
or Make-a-Wish Fairy- lovely
professional musical theater actress and singer arrives in adorable Valentine Cupid Candy Fairy costume. Candy Fairy Singing Telegram includes an original valentine song, plump heart balloon, fairy balloon art twists, personalized valentine greeting, hearts and lipstick kiss stickers, heart bracelet, long silk rose, make-a-wish valentine hearts fairy dust, valentine tattoo, and souvenir candy.

Marilyn Monroe- lovely young actress/singer impersonate Marilyn Monroe dressed in stage-quality Marilyn ensemble complete with long white fur wrap. She sings several Marilyn Monroe songs, an original valentine or love song, plus optional "I Wanna Be Loved by You" song, and delivers souvenir bling, heart balloon, autographed photo, lipstick kiss sticker, and personalized valentine.

Fairy Tale Princess- professional actress and trained singer comes in the princess costume of your choice. Princess Singing Telegram includes souvenir tiara, long stem silk rose, heart bracelet, make-a-wish sparkle dust, printed copy of the original Valentine or I Love You song sung to original music with recipient's name, Valentine telegram greeting, and sweetheart balloon art twists.

Serving northern NJ and central New Jersey. Our high quality, professional Valentines Day singers, Musician Guitarist Singer, Balloons, Funky Chicken, Cupid Gorilla, Valentine Candy Fairy, Lady in Red, and Chocolate Kiss valentine singers and entertainers book quickly, so call now for detailed descriptions and to reserve a real sweet deal at the most reasonable best prices:

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