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Planning a children's birthday party, holiday party, communion party, family entertainment, stage show, or corporate event in New Jersey? Hire the best professional Magician, Wizard, Christian Magician, or Pirate Magic Show for children's parties, birthday party, communion parties, Mardi Gras, Purim party, Diwali, Bar Mitzvah, Blue and Gold Banquet, carnival theme parties, community or school program, festivals, picnics, church VBS, stage shows, or corporate events from Beauty & the Beast LLC - NJ Party Entertainment! We magically offer the best professional Magicians to satisfy anyone's price range.

Magicians for all ages features a high-end top Variety Entertainer Magician show including comedy, amazing magic show, juggling, balancing act, and balloon sculptures. Our top award-winning Magicians can also include ventriloquism, stilt walking, unicyle, or live appearing doves, or levitation trick in his magic show. We also offer optional strolling sleight of hand close up magic.

Arrr' Children's Pirate Adventure show includes pirate music, comedy, pirate theme kid's magic show, juggling, pirate sing-along songs, pirate souvenir for the birthday child, color-in pirate treasure maps for all ye landlubbers, pirate and mermaid puppets, storytelling, and a comical balloon show. We are the pirate party company that originated the comedy pirate magician adventure show!
Kid's Cowboy Magician show features rootin tootin top professional stage performer formerly of The Greatest Show on Earth in full cowboy costume. Cowboy entertainer includes lasso trick, comedy, cowboy theme magic show, juggling, balancing act, and cowboy balloons, with option to add face painting.

High end stage performer and actor poses as Wizard Prof BrambleThorne, variety magician show fashioned after harry potter theme. NJ Wizard MagicianRon- Harry Potter theme Wizard Magician performer for all ages, high-end magician and juggler, amazing harry potter theme magic show, juggling, balancing act, comedy, and menagerie of balloon sculpture creaturesProfessor Drusilicus Kettlebum- Harry Potter themed party wizard magician show, comedy magic show, juggles battle axes fire and swords, performs spellbinding sleight of hand close up magic for all ages, fantasy storyteller, stage show or strolling character for corporate event Hagrid Stilt Walker and Variety Entertainer Magician, great for Harry Potter the,e birthday parties, kid's shows, strolling festivals, corporate events, Sweet 16 parties, graduation party, feautres professional stage actor and impersonator, Hagrid character NJ
Wizard Magicians-
Professor Kettlebum, Prof Hamley the Wizard, Wizard Bramble Thorn, Wizard Magician Zondor, and Hagrid Giant Stilt Walker are award-winning Magicians and Variety Entertainers formerly of Ringling Brothers Circus, Greatest Show on Earth, film, stage, and Broadway. These high-end entertainers perform spellbinding comedy magic show fashioned after Harry Potter theme. Wizard Magician shows can include- mystical fantasy storytelling, incantation magic show or amazing strolling sleight of hand closeup magic, lecture on practical magic, defense against the dark arts, hogwort's props, comical juggling, balancing act, optional ventriloquism with sorting hat puppet, and balloon sculptures. Great for corporate events, stage shows, school programs, summer camps, and birthday parties for all ages (kids-teens-adults).

Halloween theme Magicians for Halloween parties and corporate eventsKevin- Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey trained circus Clown, NJ Magic Clown, zany comedy, magic show for all ages, juggling, balancing act, optional stilit walking, amazing balloon animals, optional fantastic best face painting, makeup artist, circus Clown for children's birthday parties, festivals, corporate events, company picnics, stage show Clown   (click on photo for more Clown entertainers)Dave- Balloon Artist, Comedian, Magician, balloon scuptures, best comedy magic show, juggling, optional stilt walking, professional comedian, comical magician for children's birthday parties, NJ Blue & Gold Banquet entertainer   (click on photo for more Balloon Art samples)Kevin & Ron- top high-end professional Variety Entertainers for kid's parties, birthday party, corporate events, carnival theme parties, stage shows, festivals, grand openings, uniclying, stilt walking, juggling, amazing magic show or sleight of hand closeup magic, balancing act, and balloons sculptures, can be booked as a variety entertainment team, Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus performersMagician Dan- top magician, magic show for all ages, includes comicla levitation actTop Vareity Entertianer Magician- fabulous Ring Master costume for carnival theme parties and corporate eventsRon- formally Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus entertainer, top NJ Magician and Variety Entertainer, amazing variety show for all ages (kids, teens, and adults) includes coemdy, high-end magic show, juggling, a balancing act, and balloons sculptures, optional face painting, stilt walking, Christian Magician NJ, Gospel magic show for kids and parentsCowboy Ron- professional stage performer formerly of Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey and The Greatest Show on Earth Circus, cowboy charcter show includes, comedy cowboy theme magic show, juggling, lasso tricks, balancing act, and high-end balloon sculptures, Cowboy Magician NJRob- top award-winning corporate Magician, sleight of hand close up magic, strolling corporate magician, comic presentation, amazing juggling feats, variety costume wardrobe, top entertainer for kids, teens and adultsTop professional high-end Circus Clown & Vareity Entertainer Magician
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Space Wars theme Jedi Master show for all ages, professional stage Magician performs star wars theme show for kids, includes comedy, amzing magic show with the force, audience pariticpation, juggling, balancing act, and star wars shaped balloon sculpturesOur Space Wars Jedi Master performer, formerly of The Greatest Show on Earth and stage, posing as a Jedi Master for all ages. His intergalactic star wars theme show includes comedy, juggling, light saber demonstration, amazing magic show using the ways of the Force, audience participation, balancing act, souvenir Jr Force Recruit Oaths or Galaxy Maps for all the kids, and high-end star wars shaped balloon sculptures. Optional professional face painting can be added to the package by request.

Spectacular, award-winning Magic shows for adults and corporate events can include professional backdrop, sound system, comedy, high-end magic show, audience participation, juggling, sleight of hand magic, and illusions. Or, you may prefer a strolling Magician with amazing strolling close-up magic performing tableside or mingling with your guests. Several of our high-end Magicians credits include prestigious awards, Broadway shows, nightclubs, casinos, Las Vegas shows, resorts and cruise line entertainers, top carnival circus performers, film and TV. Hire top Variety Entertainer Magicians when you are looking for the very best magical entertainment for all ages - kids, teens, adults, and general audiences.

Christian Magician show features a Christian entertainer formerly of The Greatest Show on Earth who performs a family show for children and parents that ties his magic tricks into “forgiveness”, “hope”, and “mercy” focusing more on God’s love and salvation than the fun and light magic show. Lots of audience participation, comedy, juggling, and balancing act. Optional balloon sculptures (such as the fish, cross, and dove) and face painting depending on the number of kids. Great for Easter Sun events, Vacation Bible School, and any occasion.

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Simon- children's & family comedy Magician NJ, Juggler, world-class master Animal Balloon Sculptor, for children's parties, kid-friendly Magic Clown shows, NJ Juggler, juggling, variety entertainer, strolling adult magic Francis- national award-winning, kids, family, stage, and corporate Magician NJ, sleight of hand and close-up magic, tableside and strolling Magic shows, illusions, live appearing bunny, for children through adults Larry- award-winning, theatrical, stage and corporate Magician, Illusionist with lovely magician assistant John- Top NJ metro area kids, adult, stage and corporate Magician, Variety Entertainer, Balloonist, Juggler, Stilt Walker, Singer, Mime, Ventriloquist, Character Actor, and Storyteller, for children through adults, large puppet show Brian & "Foot"- Children and family Magician, Animal Balloonist, live appearing bunny; also performs a family Gospel Magic Show for children, christian magician entertainer NJ Pirate Magician- Comedy Pirate Magician adventure show for children, pirate music, comedy, magic, juggling, treasure hunt, parrot puppet, and pirate balloons Mentalist- Rare Mentalist Act for family, stage, and corporate events Thomas- Escape Artist; educational, theatrical stage shows, History of Restraint; amazing Escape Tricks, Magic, Illusions, Sleight of Hand, Close-up Magic, Dangerous Water Tank Escape, corporate entertainer New Jersey Rob- Professional family, stage and corporate Magician and Juggler; juggles fire, swords and battle axes, best Juggler NJ, mime, ventriloquism, character actor, variety entertainer NJ, spectacular costumes, credits include Broadway, stage, TV and film actor, top corporate variety entertainment, Las Vegas shows, parades, festivals, Blue and Gold entertainment, cassinos and nightclubs nationwide, variety entertainer for all ages, Blue and Gold Cub Scout banquet entertainer New Jersey Forest- Multi-talented, international award-winning Magician, Sleight of Hand, Close-up Magic; tableside, strolling, or stage show, children through adult magic, NJ corporate entertainer