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Looking for childrens birthday party entertainment, magic shows for kids parties, birthday party, communion party, grand openings, open house, summer camp, community or school program, stage show, parades, festivals, company picnic or corporate event in New Jersey? Hire Magic Clowns, Magicians, Jugglers, Stilt Walkers, Carnival Entertainers, Balloon Artists, Face Painters, and Variety Entertainers in NJ from Beauty & the Beast LLC - NJ Party Entertainment!

Kid's Magic Clowns for young children's parties feature kid-friendly entertainers. Our affordable kid's shows include background circus and children's music, kid's magic show with lots of audience participation, souvenir magic wand and a BIG red clown nose for the birthday child, interactive musical games, marching, singing, dancing, treasure hunt with souvenirs for all the kids, basic animal balloons, a puppet, and optional hand or cheek art face painting or tattoos. Kid's Magic Clown will sing an original birthday song with your child's name, printed copy of song included and a birthday telegram. Appropriate for young children ages 2-7.

Sparkles the Clown for children's birthday parties in New Jersey, kid-friendly Magic Clown show includes music, magic tricks, treasure hunt with souvenirs, make-a-wish sparkle dust, puppet, interactive games, and balloon art, with optional glitter tattoos or simple face paintingProfessional Juggler, Stilt Walker, balancing act, Unicyler, New Jersey Clown and variety entertainer for all ages, experienced Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus performerEvelyn- Sunshine the Clown, kid friendly Magic Clown for children's birthday parties in New Jersey, NJ Clown, clowning for kids parties, music, interactive games, magic show, souvenir wand, puppet, singing, dancing, animal balloon twists, tattoos and face painting, Clown service for hire for birthday party in New Jersey, add a little sunshine Professional Vareity Entertainers formerly of stage and Ringling Brosthers Barnum & Bailey Circus, carnival or circus theme events and parties in New Jersey, stilt walkers, jugglers, balloon artists, balancing act, unicyclistRon- professional Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Clown College performer, and The Greatest Show on Earth entertainer, show includes comedy show with magic tricks, juggling, animal balloons, and face painting for all ages, family parties and corporate eventsRingling Brothers Barnum & Bailey trained Circus Clown, carnival themed entertainer, best NJ Clown, comedy, magic show, juggling, balancing act, lots of fun audience participation, balloon sculptures, New Jersey Clowning, a zany and entertaining performer for all ages, hire high-end Magic Circus Clown when you want the best, great for carnival themed parties, birthday parties, corporate events, festivals, optional unicyle or stilt walkingJingles the Clown- adorable kid-friendly clown costume and minimal makeup, non-scary clown for children's birthday parties, music, magic show, treasure hunt with souvenirs, puppet, souvenir magic wand and clown nose, balloon art, birthday telegram greeting, interactive games, singing, and dancing, optional tattoos and face paintingRon- professional children's performer "Sam", Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Clown College performer, and The Greatest Show on Earth clown entertainer, balloon sculptor, juggler, stilt walker, face painterZoe- Rainbow the Clown, fluent Spanish speaking Clown for children's birthday parties in New Jersey, NJ Spanish Clown, great for both Spanish and English speaking audiences, Zoe also can be booked for children's Pop Star parties               (click on photo to see Pop Star photos)Haley the Clown- professional actress, singer and children's party entertainer performs kids magic Clown show for young children ages 2-7, show includes circus music, treasure hunt with souvenirs, pocket tricks, souvenir magic wand and big red clown nose, comincal juggling, puppet, and balloon art, optional tattoos and face painting can be addedEva- Musical Clown entertainer for kids parties in New Jersey, musican, singer, guitarist, musical kids show includes singing, dancing, comical singing puppets, percussion instruments for the children, magic show, animal balloons and optional face painting or tattoos                   (click on photo to see Puppet Show photos)Kerry Ann- CHildren's Magic Clown, kid-friendly clown for children's birthday partiesSparkles the Clown- kid-friendly Children's Magic CLown for birthday parties in New JerseyTop professional hign-end Circus Clown Magician for all ages, show includes comedy, amazing magic, juggling, balancing act, and elaborate balloon sculptures, optional face painting

Our kids Musical Clown entertainer showcases the talents of a professional children's recording artist Musician Singer. She plays guitar and sings a medley of original, all-time favorite and pop kids songs. Includes sing-alongs, percussion instruments for the kids, dancing, magic show, puppet, animal balloon twists, plus optional tattoos and face painting. Great for children's birthday parties, community or school programs, libraries, care centers, stage shows, and corporate events.

High-end Circus Clowns for more sophisticated tastes and budgets. Hire professional circus Clown (Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey trained) for birthday parties, milestone family parties, festivals, company picnics, stage shows, community or school programs, carnival circus theme parties, and corporate events. Master Circus Clown carnival show can include comedy, magic, juggling, balancing act, balloon sculptures, and face painting. We also offer award-winning Magicians, comedic Jugglers, costumed Stilt Walkers, comical Puppet shows, and the best Balloon Artists creating amazing balloon sculptures, and Face Painters. High-end family variety entertainer multi-talent Clowns for any occasion, all ages.

We also feature the talents of a Spanish speaking Clown for children's birthday parties in New Jersey. Our Magic Clown performs for both Spanish and English speaking audiences. Her show includes children's and circus music, interactive musical games, singing, dancing, treasure hunt with souvenirs, a kid's magic show, magic wand, puppet, an original birthday song with your child's name, animal balloon twisting, stickers, and optional simple face painting and tattoos.

Clowns for hire serving northern NJ and central New Jersey. Our high quality variety entertainment, children's Musical Entertainers, magic Clowns, top Magicians, Jugglers, Stilt Walkers, Carnival Entertainers, Puppet Shows, Animal Balloonists, master Balloon Sculptors, and Face Painters book quickly. Call now for detailed descriptions of the best clown entertainment magic shows at the most reasonable best prices:

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Adult supervision of children is required at all times. If your event is a pool party or if you plan to schedule an inflatable bounce house- the performer may not be able to hold and keep the children's attention or compete with these distractions. It is not a reflection of the entertainer's talent or skills. Clients have choice between more affordable young children's kiddie Clowns and high-end Ringling Brothers Circus-trained Clown shows for all ages.
Kid's performers amplify their show music with a portable CD player or iPod/iPhone, not DJ equipment. The sound may not carry in a large room, banquet hall, or outside. The music is meant for the group of children and not the entire party hall. High-end Circus Clowns and Magicians bring professional PA and microphone.

Candy Cane the Clown- magic show, souvenirs, puppet, interactive musical games, animal balloons, face painting, sings original birthday song, Magic Clowns in northern and central New Jersey, friendly Clown   (click on photo) Sparkles the Clown- comedy magic, puppet, parachute games, balloonist, face painting, temporary tattoos, Clowns New Jersey, kid friendly Clown    (click on photo) Interactive comedy magic show, colorful antics, silly sayings, stand up comic, kid-friendly clown, balloon sculpting, face painting, birthday gift, NJ Clown Variety Entertainer Magicians- show includes comedy, magic show with lots of audience participation, juggling, and balloon sculptures for the kids, Magicians for kid's birthday parties in New Jersey (click on photo to see more Magicians) Eva the Clown- Musician, singer, guitarist, children's recording artist, music, singing, dancing, percussion instruments for the kids, magic show, animal balloon twists, face painting, kids musical parties NJ  (click on photo) Hand and cheek art, face painting, hire NJ Face Painters, temporary washable tattoos for children, face painting for kids parties New Jersey     (click on photo) Best professional Jugglers New Jersey, comedy juggling for children, adults, stage and corporate events, Jugglers for school programs, summer camps  (click on photo) Daisy the Clown- magic clown show, puppetry, treasure hunt souvenirs, juggling, fun and games, animal balloons, tattoos, fabulous face painting, optional fantasy face painting with glitter, sings original birthday song, Clown NJ Animal balloons, balloon sculptures, balloon twists, animal balloonists for hire in NJ, NJ Balloon Art    (click on photo) Animal balloon sculptures for children's birthday parties, corporate events, grand openings, promotions, balloon art for kids parties in New Jersey, NJ Balloon Artists             (click on photo)